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The New Russian Tax Law and Its Development over the Years

19.09.2016 0 Comments

Since 1998 the main laws governing taxation have been codified in the two parts that make up the Tax Code. Tax Code Part I was…

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The Scientific Essence of Economy — Capitalism and Socialism versus a Democratic Competitive Market Economy

31.08.2016 1 Comment

All economies are competitive market economies The purpose of this essay is to define what should properly be understood as ‘economy’ in the sense of…

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10 Common Mistakes Detected during an Audit

24.05.2016 0 Comments

Practice shows that no audit is completed without detecting errors in the maintenance of accounting and tax accounting and the compiling of financial reporting. Of…

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Putin the Pontiff – Bridge Maker

05.05.2016 1 Comment

The word pontiff derives from the Latin pontifex, which in itself is the combination of pons for bridge and fex (facere) meaning to make. Probably…

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Russia’s reliance on imports has dramatically decreased as its diversified economy has substituted most imports

28.04.2016 3 Comments

The Russian Central Bank is guided (among other considerations) in its inflation expectations by statistics produced by Rosstat (Russia’s governmental statistics agency) concerning the size…

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